Artificial Intelligence, Managed Services, Software Solutions

Fusi Solusi is a company founded by information technology professionals in 2013. We are part of Patramas Infosinergi Group which has various companies in the IT field. With the spirit of providing more value to the IT industry, especially in the field of software development, we are committed to continuing to provide the best solutions to customers.


Become the most trusted partner in development applications and human resources in IT industry


  • Provide an environment for IT workers to grow as person and as company assets
  • Set standard procedure for developing system that can be used in general
  • Develop human resource that can compete in global level
  • Be a partner in development as end-user, system integrator or vendor and improve IT project quality in Indonesia

Board of Director

Medisa Aris Ginanjar, ST., MM.

35, Indonesian citizen, appointed as a Director since 2013. He earned MM from the University of Indonesia in 2016 and ST from Sekolah tinggi teknologi Telkom, Bandung, in 2007. Before Fusi Solusi, He work in AMDOCS for several Technology role, Equine Technologies, and also Mitra Integrasi Informatika.

Iwan Gunawan, S.A

53, Indonesian citizen, appointed as a Director since 2013. He has over 35 year working on Finance Area.